A Great Escape

Writing for me has always been a great escape. I can remember writing song, stories, poems etc. as a child and for a brief moment no matter what was going on in my life writing took me away to my own little world for a brief period of time. I’ve never been the greatest at grammar so forgive me if some of my blog posts have some grammatical errors. I know we have a few grammar police on this website (lol). Everyone has one thing that completely puts them at ease. Mine has always been writing. I work full time at a pharmaceutical company, I am in my final semester of nursing school, and I am a fiancé and a mommy to a beautiful 6 years old little girl named Alexis Blayze. Everyone knows that life can get overwhelming and sometimes the only thing that holds me together is my little girl and writing down my thoughts. Even through the stresses of everyday life it seems there are often other things that also put stress on us. Just turning on the news can be a stressor. The world is such a beautiful place but yet there is so much darkness going on. I remember being 5 years old and running through the tobacco fields at my grandfathers house and feeling 100% at ease. That was the best feeling in the world. Feeling the summer sun on my skin, the fresh breeze blowing through my hair, and having acres on acres to run through and have absolutely no worries in the world. I often long for that feeling again. I think everyone can think back to one happy memory to where they feel completely at ease and I feel like this first blog post will be a good start to hear about some of yall’s memories. Leave some feedback below 🙂