Where It Started…

Im going to start this story in third person because to me anything is easier to tell as a story than rather blab on about myself because honestly who really cares???

Aspen’s childhood was relatively good. She lived in a small town where there was nothing but large amounts of land and tobacco fields. Aspen never really knew her dad because he was incarcerated since she was small. The only time she would hear about him was when her mother would ponder and talk about the good ole times they had when she was a teenager which seemed to be all the time when she was drinking. She was 6 years old when her mother came in one day and told her that she had tracked her dad down in some run down hotel in a city nearby. Aspen never really knew why her mother tried to track him down so much or even why she cared. Honestly they were doing just fine without this stranger of a man. Grace (Aspen’s mom) seemed to run to boyfriend to boyfriend but she never really ever had any luck. One boyfriend in particular she had been with for a while but he ended up cheating on her and left Grace as a mess again. Aspen seemed to think this is why she drank all the time because she always had to have a man in her life.Thats when Aspen promised herself that she would never feel like that. She would never feel like she had to depend on a man who would love, support, or make her feel like she mattered.

Im getting ahead of myself though. Aspen’s earliest memory of her dad wasnt that great. You would think that finally seeing her dad would make her happy but it always felt short lived because even at 6 years old she knew it wasnt going to last…it never did. He was a tall handsome man. Around 6’7…dark hair…dark brown eyes and her mother always seemed to be a sucker for him. Grace had Aspen at 17 so they practically grew up together. Aspen’s father Trey always seemed to be a smooth talker. Whenever Aspen and her brother Luke was around he would talk about how they were finally going to be a family and he was going to settle down and finally be a dad. Aspen always in a sense hoped this was going to be true but to her dismay after a month or two of talking her dad would end up in prison again or nowhere to be found. Aspen always thought her mom Grace seemed a little lost. Grace lost her mom at a very young age and had always somewhat depended on her dad Mason. That’s who Aspen, Luke, and Grace were living with now.

Aspen always loved her grandfather and always loved living with him. Grandpa Mason would spoil Apsen and Like to no end and his house always felt like “home”. While Grace would go out on whichever date she had found he was the one who watched them most of the time or either they stayed with their baby sitter Missy. Missy had two kids one girl named Katie who was Aspen’s age and another older son named Greg who was 10 at the time. Aspen and her brother loved to be at their house. Their house seemed like another world. Missy was so loving towards her kids and made Aspen and Luke feel like her own. They would have campfires..go swimming..walk around the block acting way older than what they were. Aspen was just happy being around her best friend Katie. It was like having the sister she never had.

One day Aspen noticed that her mother was crying more than usual and drinking very heavily. She seemed very distant that day and didn’t talk too much. At about 5 pm that night Grace told Aspen & Luke that she was going to bed. Aspen & Luke was kind of relieved because honestly they were sick of Grace’s emotions that day. Aspen was going to the kitchen to get something to drink when she noticed two big pills laying on the floor in the middle hallway..Aspen always had a six sense as you can say and felt like something wasn’t right….She went to her moms room and gave her a gentle shake…..nothing…she tried again….nothing……to be continued ..




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