Aspen realized that her mother wasn’t moving and started to panic. She ran and told her Grandpa that her mother was not waking up. Her grandpa immediately picked up the phone and called 911. Aspen’s aunt Amanda was coming through the door around the time all this commotion was going on. She walked in the room and started shaking Grace with force. She also slapped her about 4 or 5 times trying to get a response. At about the 5th slap Grace started to open her eyes as the Ems was coming through the door. Aspen and Luke was very emotional as the ems was carrying their mother out the door. Emotional in the sense that they were glad that she was ok and also kind of mad because they didn’t understand why she would have done something like that. Over the next couple of days Aspen and Luke’s family was surrounding them and explaining that everything was going to be ok and that their mother was going to get the help that she needed. Aspen and Luke had a very traditional family. Everyone was/or had been in school for something. They were all church going people, and absolutely 0 tolerance for that type of situation. A couple of days went by before Aspen and Luke finally saw their mother again. When they say her she immediately busted down in tears, so did they. She apologized over and over for what she had done and explained that it wasn’t their fault that she had done what she had done. She said that she was going to stop drinking and try to get her life together. That lasted about two weeks …to be continued

Signs to look for in depression

-Signs of hopelessness and helplessness

-Person has lost interest in friends, activities, and things they used to enjoy

-They feel tired all the time

-Sleep and appetite has changed

-You can’t control your negative thoughts, no matter how much you try

-You are much more irritable, short-tempered, or aggressive than usual

-You’re consuming more alcohol than normal or engaging in other reckless behavior


these are brief signs/symptoms to look for in a specific loved one or even yourself. Who knows it could help save a life. There’s always help available. No one should feel like they have to take their life or have no way out.

if you are feeling suicidal please call  1-800-273-TALK in the U.S. or visit IASP or to find a helpline in your country.


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