A new man…

……..Grace continued to drink after about two weeks after she came home. She would give excuses to Aspen & Luke that she needed it or that they had no idea what she has had to go through in her life and that continued for a few years…same alcohol…different guys. When Aspen tuned 8 and Luke was 7, Grace met a man that she immediately fell in love with named Russell. Russell was in a wheel chair from an incident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. After a few months of dating Grace and Russell had a small wedding at the local courthouse. Everything seemed to be going great for the first few months but Russell had some deep internal issues. Aspen always liked Russell but he always seemed to be really hard on her brother Luke and she that’s what she didn’t like. If Luke did anything wrong Russell would make Luke go get a kitchen chair to hold on to and beat him with the belt which usually left a lot of marks. Usually it would be minor stuff that Luke did and Luke developed a hatred for the man for it. Grace usually just backed him up and would state that Luke shouldn’ve been doing whatever he was doing to deserve the punishment and that would be that. Russell lived in a trailer park so after everyone moved in with him, Aspen and Luke developed some new friends right away. Everyone in the trailer park knew everyone else and there was always gossip going around, not to mention half naked older women always walking around. Aspen and Luke missed their Grandpa something awful and they loved going to stay some weekends with him back in the beautiful country. They would constantly tell him that they didn’t like the situation they were in. Not to mention Grace’s family did not fully accept Russell.

One day while Grace was at work after having a week full of arguments with Russell about various things from his drinking, his two kids, his baby mother, etc..she called to speak with Russell like she normally would any other day and that’s when a woman named Tonya answered the phone. Grace was confused for a moment and asked who the f*** are you??! and that’s when the lady said well my name is Tanya and I’m laying right next to your husband. What I didn’t mention before is that with Grace’s previous boyfriend of many years is that this is the same woman that he had cheated on her with also. Grace saw red for a minute and hung up the phone…she immediately went to her supervisor and said there’s been an emergency and I need to leave now…Grace walked to her car and sped off in a rage to the house thinking about what she was going to do when she arrived ……………………


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