I can’t believe you

Grace was trying to get home as fast as she could…all she could think about is how this was happening to her yet AGAIN! Every emotion was going through her head and she pulled into their yard. She got out the car and rushed into the house finding Russell sitting on the couch. She said “how dare you have a woman in this house, I’m getting all my things and I’m leaving you.” Russell  already knew that he had nothing to say so instead of showing her how he really felt he just put on a front of I don’t care. The more he put on the front the more upset Grace got. She went through stages of crying, got mad and slapped him, and finally packed all of their belongings and headed towards Grandpa Mason’s house. Grace picked up both Aspen and Luke from school that day and explained what had happened to them. Aspen was always talking to Grace about her problems so this was normal conversation. Aspen told her mom well its good that you left him, you could do much better and don’t deserve treatment like that. Deep down inside both Aspen and Luke were just happy to finally be back into their Grandpa’s house. It just always felt so homey to them and they just adored it. Grandpa Mason told Grace “Well I hope you learned your lesson, you don’t need to be dragging those kids back and forth and putting them into situations like that”, he was also very happy that he had his two grand children back at home. Russell called nonstop over the week and every time Grace spoke with him she believed him a little more and wanted to actually forgive him. Aspen and Luke prayed that she wouldn’t give him another chance, but after about two weeks she dragged them back because she said he deserved another “chance”. Once Grace got back they argued non stop because lets be honest after something like cheating happens in a relationship that issue is always brought up. They stayed there for about a month and Russell and Grace decided to just call it quits. So back again they went to grandpa’s house. Grandpa didn’t even say anything this time once they got there, he just shook his head.

Everything seemed to be going good for a couple months. Aspen and Luke were spending a lot of time with their babysitter and best friends, and Grace seemed to be liking her new job at a warehouse and even started to talk to a new guy named Mark.  Grace really wasn’t too fond of Mark at first because he wasn’t her usual “type”, but Mark eventually talked her into going on a date with him. One date turned into two..then three, and eventually Mark told Grace that Aspen and Luke could come along for one of the dates. They all went to adventure island and then pizza inn, and all seemed to have a good time. Mark and grace kind of grossed them out because all they wanted to do was make out etc.., but Mark did seem different from other guys that Grace had been used to. Mark would invite them all to spend the night all the time and would make special dinners for everyone and this lasted for a few months. One night before everyone left to go back home Mark called Aspen into his bedroom and showed her a tiny black box, when he opened it Aspen was shocked..it was a diamond. Mark said I’m going to ask your mother to marry me…….Aspen thought here we go again…..


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