A new love

Mark tried to make Grace mad at work all week just to throw her off as to what he was about to do since she was always so suspicious, he had made her so mad one day that she was actually on the verge of breaking up with him. Mark told Grace to be ready at 6:00pm that he was going to take her to dinner at Cracker barrel. Halfway through dinner mark got so nervous that he passed the ring box across the table and said “I have something for you”, Grace didn’t know what was happening but she opened the box and saw a pretty diamond ring. Mark said “Will you marry me”? and everyone in the restraint applauded, of course Grace said yes and that was it they were engaged. Shortly after they got married at the local court house because Grace found out she was expecting another baby.

A couple months later Grace had a baby named Elizabeth and Aspen & Luke were very happy to have another sibling. Grace and Mark also bought a new house in a new neighborhood and everyone was happy. Aspen was now 10 and Luke was 9. A few months after being moved into the new house Grace received a call that Grandpa Mason had hit the back of a trailer on his car and was in the hospital. They went to the nursing home for several months after the accident and they were doing all they could do for him. Eventually he got so sick and it landed him in the hospital again and was put on life support. The family discussed that allowing him to be with the lord was the best decision and he passed away as Aspen and Luke were in the elevator on the way up to see him and say their goodbyes. Aspen was crushed when she heard the news shortly after that. Her whole world felt like it turned upside down. One of the closest people in her life was now gone and ever since she has been trying to find that “home” feeling.

Years went by…beach vacations…birthdays…school years and Aspen became a teenager and was starting her freshman year in high school. Luke was 11 months younger than Aspen so he was always a grade under and it happened to be his last year of middle school. Aspen had gotten an enemy during the summer before the semester started because she happened to say her friend was prettier than the girl in the same pic everyone was saying was so beautiful. The girl Olivia in the pic happened to not like it and advised that she would see Aspen on the 1st say of High school. Olivia was many years older than Aspen so  this made Aspen very nervous and she decided to ride with her friend Tiffany to school that day incase anything were to pop off. Aspen and Tiffany arrived at their new high school and got anxious as they walked into the court yard looking for their friends….Aspen looked across the court yard and there was Olivia….She looked straight at Aspen…..


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