Olivia didn’t say anything to Aspen, maybe it was the fact that Olivia was half of Aspen’s height and much smaller but whatever her reasoning was Aspen never had another problem out of her. Aspen’s first day of high school¬†was very tiring but very¬† exciting…here she was at a brand new high school full of cute guys three years above her. She felt like a small fish in a big pond…she knew this was going to be a life changing year, and she was right.

Aspen and her friend Tiffany always liked history class the best, maybe it was because they had a few cute senior guys in the class. Aspen had noticed a really cute guy two seats away from her on the first day. He seemed pretty smart and was always making a joke and Aspen always seemed to laugh. A couple of weeks into class the guy whose name was Matt passed Aspen a note. At first Aspen was confused and was like is this for me? and he said yeah, so she opened it. It said “my nipples are cold”. Most girls would have been like what the hell and been disgusted but Aspen thought this was hilarious since the heat in the class was broke and it was a very cold day so she wrote back said lol…when he passed the note back he asked Aspen if she wanted to hang out sometime and she was so excited so she said yes. They wrote back and forth for a while and planned to hang out that Saturday. There was just one problem though….she had to convince Grace and Mark to let her go.

When Aspen asked Grace if she could go on a date, of course Grace hit the fan because Aspen was just 15 at the time. Eventually with some persuading she said that she could go if Aspen could convince Mark to say yes too…with some begging …pleading…and persuading eventually Mark said yes and she was free to go Saturday. Aspen was very nervous and terrified she did not know what to expect from Matt. She went to bed that night thinking about how her first date was going to be…………