First Date



Aspen got up early that morning and began to get dressed and get pretty for her afternoon outing. She had no idea what she would wear or how she wanted to do her hair since she didn’t know what she was going to do. She decided to wear a long sleeve blue shirt with a brown cami underneath, blue jeans, and some sperries. She straightened her hair and put her make up on. Matt pulled up at her house around 1 and luckily her parents had already left to go to the grocery store so she didn’t have to go through those weird first introductions. Matt was driving a fully camouflaged Jimmy truck and had on some brown khaki shorts and a cut off shirt. Aspen thought he was so adorable. When Aspen got in the truck matt said “you look nice” and Aspen didn’t really know how to respond so she said this is how I always dress haha. Matt cranked up the Jimmy and they headed towards town. It was such a relief to be out and feel free and Aspen felt on top of the world to be hanging out with an older guy. Matt drove up town and decided to park at the wal-mart parking lot for awhile. That was where most people hung out in the small town. He asked Aspen if she wanted anything to eat since they were near fast food places and stated he had just ate so he wasn’t really that hungry. Aspen thought to herself I’m definitely not going to eat alone in front of him so she told Matt she was fine. After sitting in the parking lot for awhile talking to friends that he knew from school he ¬†told Aspen he was going to take her to one of his favorite places. They headed towards the country and it seemed like he was driving forever. They finally got to some old dirt road and he turned onto the old dirt road. He crossed some fields and some small creeks and they were in a beautiful clearing in the middle of nowhere. They were surrounded by tons of pretty scenery. Flowers…creeks…beautiful trees swaying. He told Aspen that this was where he came to think and they started talking about life. Aspen told him all about her family and Matt told her all about his. They talked about her hobbies and talked about his and what they liked to do for fun. Eventually it was getting late so they headed back towards the main roads so Aspen could be home by 6. Matt finally dropped Aspen off and Aspen realized even though it wasn’t much it was an amazingggg day and she loved every minute with this country boy. She made sure to tell Grace that they had went to a restraunt ¬†though because she knew Grace would have flipped if she knew that Aspen had been on some back country road with a boy. Grace went to bed that night excited to tell her friends the next day about her outing.