First Loves

Aspen and Matt spent a lot of time together after their first date…and eventually Matt asked Aspen to be his girl friend. Aspen fell so hard for this country boy with the deep blue eyes. They met each other families…shared holidays…and eventually Aspen decided this was the guy she wanted to be her “first”. For a couple weeks before all her friends talked about having sex and how it wasn’t a big deal and Aspen began to feel like she was the only one who hadn’t done it. Matt never pressured her to do anything and he was verrrry respectful whenever they were together. Of course like any teenage couple they would kiss…hug..rub..etc but eventually Aspen felt like this was the guy she wanted her first time to be with. Aspen and Matt were hanging out at his house one Saturday and his parents weren’t home and that was it she told Matt she was ready and they finally did it. About an hr later one of Matt’s little sisters came in with the condom in a zip lock bag…apparently Matt went to flush the condom down the toilet and the condom had came back up and the sister decided she was going to get him in trouble by telling his mom. His mom was very angry and said that Aspen and Matt should not be messing around since he was 18 at the time and Aspen could press charges if she wanted. Aspen was completely mortified and extremely embarrassed.

For the next few weeks Aspen didn’t even want to go to Matts house because she was completely embarrassed to be around his family so she would make excuses as to other things that they could do. Months and years went by…Aspen was now a senior in high school. Aspen was the goody goody type of girl…sure she lost her virginity one week before she turned 16 but she always took school seriously and maintained a 4.0 GPA. Soon Aspen got her first job at Lowes Foods as a cashier and decided to wanted to start saving for her first car. Grace and Mark didn’t have substantial money to just Aspen and her brother Luke first cars so they were taught they had to work for what they had. On Aspen’s first day at work she was so extremely nervous. She didn’t have the slightest idea what she was doing but she actually turned out to catch on rather quick. While she was closing her register on the first night of work a guy walked up to Aspen and introduced himself as Matt. He said it was such a pleasure to meet her. She noticed he had been smiling at her off and on all night..she thought to herself here we go….


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