Change Of Heart



Matt Ashens was a very shy down to earth quiet guy but he went above and beyond to get Aspen to notice him. Matt and his friend DJ tried for two whole weeks to get Aspen to hang out with them before she finally said ok. Aspen thought in her head there’s nothing wrong with going out with two guys friends and it doesn’t mean anything. Aspen was never the one to really keep secrets but she thought it would be best to keep this secret from her boyfriend. They went and saw a movie that night and then decided to go to pizza hut. Matt kept calling Aspen all night and finally she answered it. “Where are you at”? Aspen answered “I’m at a friend’s house studying Matt, ill talk to you tomorrow”. Matt had really been getting on Aspen’s nerves lately and it seemed like everything he was doing seemed to irritate her a lot more lately. She was especially tired of his cheapness and barely ever being taken anywhere. The thrill of those back roads soon got tiring and Aspen had been thinking more lately that she deserved better. When they all got to Pizza Hut everyone was acting really weird and when the check came Matt took it and told Aspen that he would pay for her. She told him that it was ok and she didn’t expect him to do that but he said that he wanted to. Aspen thought to her self this is new and she wasn’t really use to it.

A week went by and it was Valentines Day. Aspen wasn’t really that thrilled because she had to work that night which left little room for anything. Her boyfriend Matt had come by with a Valentines Day card and a stray dog he had picked up on the side of the road on the way over. Aspen loved dogs but she thought to herself this is really getting old that he couldn’t even afford to give her a decent Valentines Day gift especially when she had went alllllll out for him. Now don’t get me wrong Aspen was nowhere near shallow but what you have to understand is Matt never would keep a job longer than a month. He gave up descent jobs and always made an excuse of why he didn’t want to work there. Aspen made up an excuse that she had to go into work earlier than usual just so she could get away from him because she was sort of irritated by the whole situation.

When Aspen had got to work everyone was just smiling at her and she thought this was realllyyyy weird. DJ Matt’s friend asked her if she could come look at the back of the store inventory with him and make sure he had gotten an accurate count. So Aspen followed him to the back thinking nothing of it. When she got to the very back of the Store there was Matt standing there with a human size teddy bear (you know the biggest ones available) a dozen roses and some chocolate. Aspen did not know what to say but she did know that she was very flattered. She told Matt you know I have a boyfriend and he’s probably not going to be happy that I have another guy giving me gifts..Matt assured her that it was just a friendly gift because he had overheard her talking to her friend Ashley about never getting roses for Valentines Day. Aspen seemed to like matt a lot more after that very kind gesture and they started texting a lot more after that day. Aspen knew she wasn’t being fair to her 1st love and at this point she knew she had to let it go. She asked if he could come over and talk and she was shaking knowing what she was about to do. She knew Matt was very dramatic and knew it was not going to be an easy break up….she saw his head lights coming up the road and she started to panic…this is it…I have to do what I have to do….


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