I’m Done!





Matt pulled into the drive way and she watched him as he walked up to her house. She could tell he was nervous and boy did he have a right to be…when he got to the big front porch he leaned in to kiss Aspen and she pulled away. He said “What is your problem”??! Aspen told him that she just needed space and the relationship just wasn’t working for her anymore. He kept ignoring everything she was telling him and kept saying that he could do better and be better and he didn’t want to lose her. Aspen told him that she just didn’t feel the same about him anymore but she was very thankful that she had such a pure first love and would forever be grateful for him. Eventually he got the drift and she told him that she hoped they could still be friends. She felt a little sad inside because she knew that she possibly hurt him. After Matt left Aspen just sat on her front porch for a while and looked at the beautiful sunset going down. She loved living in the country and being able to hear the crickets and smell the fresh crisp air. Even though she felt horrible about breaking up with Matt she somehow felt a burden come off her chest. She heard her phone ding and when she looked down it was a text from Matt Ashens. Aspen sent him a text and said guess what?? and then once he replied what??? Aspen told him that she was finally single. Matt called her right away and asked if he could take her on a date finally. Aspen agreed to go out the following Saturday but made sure to let matt know that she wasn’t rushing into anything and she wanted to take everything slow.

Matt pulled into the driveway on that Saturday and Aspen had to explain to her parents why there was a new guy in her driveway. Aspen’s parents had grew to love Matt and how sweet he was. Aspen explained the situation in a hurry and told them all about the new Matt. Aspen’s mom was always skeptical about anything new as well as her stepfather. Matt walked up to the porch and introduced himself to her parents right away. As Aspen got into his car and they were headed out she asked where they were going and he advised it was a surprise. They finally got to their destination and she realized he had taken her to the Cheesecake factory. The cheesecake factory was a very fancy restraint especially living in the south with not too many options. They walked in and the restraunt was very dimly lit with candles on each table. Once they got to the table the waiter handed them menus and Aspen felt very uncomfortable looking at the prices. She always felt uncomfortable when she knew someone had to buy her food. Matt seemed to sense this and told Aspen she could order whatever she liked. She still went for a cheap option. Matt told Aspen that he had waited for forever to finally be able to take her out and he was very happy she said yes. He also asked after dinner if it was ok if they went and hung out with his family on the lake. Aspen felt a little uncomfortable with meeting his family so quick but she agreed that it was ok…..boyyyyy was she in for a treat!


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