Meet the family


Aspen and Matt talked about everything on the way to his home. She told him all about her troubled child hood. About her mother who still couldn’t give up alcohol. Aspen’s mother Grace was a completely different person once she started drinking. She would pick an argument about any and everything. When Grace drank Aspen could feel a small level of hatred surface. Grace always seemed to want to play the victim and she always felt like someone was out to get her.  Grace would call Aspen and her brother Luke very name in the book when she was intoxicated including her favorite words for Aspen “B****” and “W****”.  Aspen told Matt she could never understand why it was so hard to put the Cisco down. Aspen told Matt that if she ever had kids she would never put them through what Grace had put her and her bother through. About an hr later Matt pulled up to a house on the lake. It was the weirdest arrangement she had ever seen. There was a doublewide but it was connected to a trailer by a very large front walkway. It all seemed to flow very nicely and it was a very pretty housing arrangement. Aspen felt very nervous as she opened the door to get out. She had no idea what to expect as she walked up to the first house (the doublewide). Matt knocked and walked right in. Hey Mom and Greg this is Aspen the girl I was telling you guys about. Both of Matt’s Parents said hey right away and was very welcoming. Matt’s Parents told them to have a seat and asked if they wanted anything to drink. Matt’s mom Hazel had just made some sweet tea. Aspen agreed to the drink and boyyyyy was it delicious. Probably one of the best batches she had ever had. They asked Aspen the usual. About her family. Where she went to school. And how she met Matt. Aspen felt the nervousness brush right off and she felt right at home. Two little blonde hair girls came out of their room and came up to Aspen. One of the little girls told Aspen that she was very pretty and Aspen could feel herself blush. Hazel told the little girls it was way past their bedtimes and they needed to go back to bed. They giggled and ran back to their room. Matt asked Aspen if she wanted to go over to his side of the house and meet his older sister and little brother and Aspen agreed. They walked over to the trailer and went right in. Aspen though how cool to have literally a house to themselves. They had three bedrooms…two baths…a kitchen..and a living room..all to themselves and they were all in their teenage years. They walked into the living room and Matt introduced Aspen to his sister first whose name was Shannon and his brother whose name was Mitchell. Shannon was sitting on the living room couch with a friend and was counting a lot of money and putting it into an envelope in her pocketbook. She told her friend she had made 2000 last night and Aspen wondered what it was that she did. Mitchell was drinking a beer and asked if Aspen wanted one and of course Aspen said no. They all sat around and talked for awhile and Aspen told Matt that she probably needed to get home since it was getting late. Matt drove Aspen home and she thanked him for a wonderful night. This was the best Aspen had felt in awhile and she felt her phone ding. It was a message from Matt’s sister Shannon on Myspace…She said she was glad Matt was finally hanging out with a nice girl. Aspen blushed because Shannon was a reallyyy pretty girl who was 2 years older than Aspen. Aspen sent her a message back and said me too!

When Aspen walked into the house her brother Luke was sitting on the couch texting on his phone. She was very surprised that Luke was even home. Luke seemed to never be home once he turned 17. He was always at a party or hanging out at someones house. He asked how Aspen’s night went and Aspen said great. She asked Luke who he was texting and he said a girl named Caitlin. Of course Aspen was nosy and looked her up on Myspace. She had seen this girl named Caitlin comment on some of her brother’s stuff so she looked into it. She saw her picture and thought she was a very pretty girl but she was also only 15. And she just turned 15. She gave Luke a half look and told him you better be careful this girl is much younger than you. Matt said it wasn’t really anything serious and laughed. Aspen went to her room and plopped on her bed. Wow this was the best night she had ever had…right when she was thinking this she looked down and saw a text from her ex boyfriend Matt…Can we talk? Aspen thought not againnnnnn.


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