New Changes



Aspen didn’t text Matt back that night because she honestly just didn’t want to deal with it anymore. He constantly called and texted her for a week and even started to get his friends to call and text Aspen. If anything this was just making Aspen more angry. Eventually she picked up the phone one night when he had literally called her back to back over 10 times….WHAT DO YOU WANT???!!!! “Aspen I just want to make things right…I miss you” Well its over Matt, Please stop calling me before I have to block your number…this is really getting pathetic and quite creepy. Eventually the phone calls and texts started getting fewer and fewer as time went on and Aspen was very relieved. While at work one night a new guy came from the back office and introduced himself to everyone…My name is Ryan and i’m going to be your new store manager. He seemed like he was actually kind of nervous and was trying to hide it by acting really energetic and happy. Aspen could tell he was uncomfortable though by the way his face turned red. He looked really young and Aspen wondered how old he was. He told everyone that since he was new and this would be his first new night working that he would buy everyone pizza. Matt walked over to Aspen’s register and said I don’t think I like him already. Aspen asked why? He seemed really nice?…must be because its a new male in the place and she laughed as she said this. Matt and Aspen usually would talk all night while at work and just play around. They worked at a smaller Lowes in town so no one really shopped there much like they did the Bigger one on the other side of town. When the Pizza got to work that night Ryan told Aspen that she could help herself to a piece of pizza and Aspen denied. OOOO so you’re too good for my Pizza huh? He said with a smile. Aspen couldn’t help but to smile. Matt caught sight of that and he didn’t like it.

Aspen’s 18th birthday was coming up in a week and she could not wait! She had started talking to Ryan more and soon they became really good friends. They were into a lot of the same stuff so sometimes when the night got slow at work he would walk up front and talk to Aspen at the register. Matt was an office assistant so he would have to count registers at the end of the night and had a cube high off the ground that overlooked all the registers. Every time Ryan would come up front to talk to Aspen he would huff and puff and wouldn’t really talk to Aspen for the rest of the night. Ryan sensed this and he would come up front more often just to make Matt mad or either call Aspen to the back to chill in his office for a few hours and just talk.  When Aspen finally walked back up to the front it was just Matt standing at the register since it was close to 10:00 pm which was closing time. She went and shoved Matt just playing and he wouldn’t even look at her. “Matt what’s your deal”? “You know what my deal’ve been talking to Ryan all night and have barely talked to me”. Well I’m sorry.. Aspen said I didn’t think it would be such a big ordeal since you know I’m not your girlfriend or anything. Matt just huffed and puffed…you’re sorry I overreact I just like you a lot. Aspen said it was ok and they were fine. “So what kind of cake are you wanting for your birthday”? Aspen told Matt that she had asked her parents for a John Deere tractor cake because she was obsessed. I guess I can just wing the cake Matt said. It was Saturday and Aspen’s birthday was finally here. She decided she would work day shift that day because she had a car payment to make. She walked into the office and Matt came in behind her with the prettiest John Deere themed cupcakes Aspen had ever seen! They had the farm scene…the rows…the tractors. Everything that she could have wanted on them. She was so shocked! Thank you Matt you are the best! She said as she hugged him. Not so fast she heard as Ryan stepped through the office with a cupcake John Deere arrangement just as appealing as Matts was. Matts whole face changed and Aspen could tell he was angry as he stepped out of the office. “I overheard you saying you liked John Deere so I decided to get you some cupcakes”. Aspen smiled and said she appreciated it. Well Happy Birthday Aspen Ryan said as he stepped out the office.  Aspen felt so special because usually she didn’t have people who would bring her stuff like that. When she stepped out the office and logged into her cash register she saw matt in the Office Assistant box just shaking his head. OOOOO boyyyyy here we go againnnnnnn


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