Valentines Dayy


Matt came out of the cash office and Aspen asked what was wrong?? He told Aspen that Ryan had bought her the same cupcakes on purpose and that it was obvious that he liked Aspen. Aspen told him that he was over thinking the situation and that Ryan was just being friendly. Matt just said yeah whatever and they went on with their night. Matt asked Aspen if she wanted to go to his house later on and she said ok. Once at Matt’s house his sister Shannon was drinking a wine cooler just chilling on the couch. Aspen sat next to her and they started talking. Aspen even decided to partake in a wine cooler. Aspen was just sitting on the couch admiring how pretty Shannon was. She was in cosmetology school and was amazing at doing hair. Aspen even had the courage to say yes when Shannon asked if she could cut her hair. Aspen had loooong brown hair half way down her back and she felt like she wanted something different. She told Shannon she wanted a long blonde bob so Shannon eagerly went to work. While Shannon was doing Aspen’s hair she got the courage to finally ask Shannon where she was making all her money. Shannon explained to Aspen that Hazel (Matts Mom) was in the entertainment business as a Dancer (stripper) at a nice club downtown. When Hazel got into an accident and couldn’t work for a few months they had to do something because Hazel brought in most of the income for the household. Shannon agreed she would try the dancing at her mother’s club and make some money to help out. Aspen could not believe what she was hearing. There’s no way that Shannon and Hazel could be strippers. In her mind she saw strip clubs as a place where girls would strip completely naked and do bad things for money. Shannon cleared Aspen’s mind and said I know what you are thinking. I use to think the same thing until I actually starting working a the club. I do not get completely naked and there is absolutely not touching involved. I get to wear cute little outfits. Dance…and literally get paid massive amounts of money for just looking pretty. Aspen began to think that didn’t sound too bad but she also wondered why Matt had never bothered to tell her about any of this. After Shannon was done with Aspen’s hair she looked into the mirror and woaaaahhhh did she look different. She looked sassy and had a new energy upon her. When she saw Matt he said lord you look good. Aspen smiled because she knew she did. She hugged Shannon because Shannon was off to work for the night and Matt drove her home. He told Aspen don’t forget about our Valentines Day date tomm. after work. Aspen told him she wouldn’t and went into the house.

The next day Aspen was thinking to herself what the perfect Valentines Day would be that she could get Matt. It’s not particularly easy to shop for a guy especially on Valentine’s Day. So she decided she would get a card and write something very special in it. She found the perfect card and at the bottom she signed the answer to your question is yes…I will be your girlfriend. Aspen smiled to herself as she wrote this because Matt had been trying for months for Aspen to finally say yes to him but Aspen just wasn’t ready. She put the card in the envelope and headed for work. When she got to work Matt and Ryan were both standing in the cashier’s box side by side and matt came down and kissed Aspen on the cheek and handed her some Roses and a bear. He told her he had something special to give her later that night and Aspen agreed she had something to give him too. Ryan just looked at Matt and rolled his eyes and went back to the back office. Aspen noticed that Ryan wasn’t really talking to Aspen as usual so she decided to walk back to the back and speak to him. Whats up Ryyy? Ryan was just like hey very blandly. Whats wrong? Nothing said Ryan just trying to get some work done. OOO okay said Aspen. Guess what said Aspen? What Ryan Said? Aspen told him about what she was planning to do with the card and that her and Matt were finally going to be official. Ryan  looked very bothered and Aspen could tell that. Aspen you are way to good for that guy don’t put yourself in that predicament. I think we’ll be just fineeee said Aspen and plus you shouldn’t be so jealous in the first place. Ryan just huffed and went back to his work. Aspen walked to the front of the store because it was almost 10:00 and they were about to close. She thought to herself how much she loved that little store and how she saw just so happy in that moment. She got to the front and Matt asked if she was ready to go. They got into his car and he told her that he was taking her to Tripp’s Steakhouse. She loved that place. When they finally got there the restraint was dimly lit and there was still a few couples in the restraunt. Aspen was surprised because it was getting close to closing time for them. She looked at the menu and she couldn’t wait to order because she had skipped dinner that night earlier. She decided she was going to order the steak and lobster tail combination and Matt ordered the same. Matt was just grinning at Aspen and she said whattttt Matt and he said nothing…Im just admiring how pretty you are. Aspen said thinks jokingly and took a sip out of her sweet tea. Their food finally arrived to the table and it looked heavenlyyy…She could just smell the lobster and steak combination and the garlic butter on the side. Before she could get a bite in Matt said I got something for you and slip a little blue box on the table. Aspen went cold because it looked like a ring box. Matt said well don’t just sit there go ahead and open it….Aspens arm started shaking as she picked up the ring box…This can’t be …can it????……



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