New Start


Aspen opened the box with her hands shaking and she busted out laughing when she saw it…it was a beautiful white gold ring with a pink heart in the middle and little diamonds on the side. Matt told her that he saw it and he thought of her so he had to get it. She told Matt that he almost gave her a heart attack especially when he was always asking what kind of engagement ring etc she would want one day. Aspen laughed and laughed and laughed and told him she thought he was going to propose. Matt laughed too and said “Well dang I’m glad I didn’t or I would have been embarrassed”. They ate their meal and Aspen was having a really good time. OHHHHH yeah Aspen said …open your gift up. She handed Matt the card and he read it slowly…when he got to the end he started smiling really hard and Aspen said welllll…..? Matt just smiled and said finally you’re mine. Usually they would go back to Matt’s house after a date and just chill with everyone but Aspen told Matt just to take her home because she was very exhausted.

When she walked in the house her brother Luke was on the phone. “Who are you talking to now?” Ooooo it’s just Caitlin said Matt. Well tell her I said heyyyy Aspen said and he told her.  Aspen laid in bed and thought about the college applications she had put in a few weeks earlier. She had put an application into ECU University because they had a really good nursing program and that’s what Aspen had always wanted to do since she was a little girl. I can’t believe I’m graduating in a month she thought. Time was really flying and she began to wonder weither she did the right thing with getting into another relationship before she went off to school. Aspen’s mom came in and handed her an envelope. This came for you today she said. Aspen looked at It and it said East Carolina University. This was it…her whole life depended on this moment. Grace just stood there and Aspen told her that she didn’t want to read it with anyone around so Grace stepped out. Her heart started pounding veryyyyy verryyyy fast…she slowly opened it and pulled out the letter…Congratulations you have been accepted into the University Of East Carolina….I GOT IN!!!!! She was so happy she started jumping up and down…she ran into her mom’s room and said I got in!!!! grace was sooo happyyyyy for her but soon she got a worried look on her face. Aspen how are we going to pay for this? You know we don’t have that kind of money…Aspen said don’t worry about that I’ll take out some loans..It will alllll work out! She went back and laid in her bed..she knew she wouldn’t be getting any sleep tonight….boy was some changes coming!


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